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When making the important decision of who will care for your child, the thoughts and opinions of other parents can be very helpful. Take a look at the testimonials below, and reach out to learn more.  

"We feel so blessed and fortunate to have found Abuelitas Daycare nearly a year and a half ago. My daughter has been going to them since she was six month old, and she absolutely loves and adores her 'Lita and Tia'. The daycare is family run business: an incredible Mother/Daughter team that have been raising and caring for children for years. Alma (Abuelita) is known as Lita, and she has such a loving and caring manner about her. My daughter simply adores her and absolutely loves every homemade meal she makes for her and the other kids. Alma (yes two Almas- she is Litas grown daughter) is affectionately called Tia, and is a staple in my daughters life. She cares for these children like they are her own, and she also gives me advice when I ask (I'm a first time mom, so she is my go-to person!)

The location is so welcoming that the kids feel right at home - the backyard is set up with an awesome assortment of large toys (think sandbox, slide, scooters, balls, and so much more) and they also have thick padding on the ground to protect the little ones as the run around and play. Everything is clean, organized, and set up in such a way that the kids know where all their favorite toys are and are encouraged to play and have fun.

The extra bonus of Abuelitas Daycare is that Lita cooks all the meals herself, and the kids eat like Kings and Queens. My daughter loves every meal and I know she is eating better and more healthier than I!

One last note of why I truly love and am thankful for both Lita and Tia: my daughter just turned two and they celebrated by having a piñata for the kids to crack open. They also did something similar for her first birthday - I'm not sure if any other daycare would do this kind of celebration.

In short: Abuelitas Daycare is THE BEST. I hope to have them as part of our family for the rest of our lives. We love them".


Adriana 8/22/2015


"Thank youAlma and Lita for offering such loving day care for my daughter. Olivia started day care at 2 years old - a little later than most. At first she was reluctant, but Lita and Alma made her feel welcome AND the other kids were soo sweet. Now 3 months later, when "I pick her up, all the kids come running over to hug her good-bye. It melts my heart! I love this day care!! I'm so thankful I found it when we needed it".

Monica 10/13/2016

"We moved to San Bruno just before my daughter turned one and that's when she started at Abuelita's's daycare. We feel so lucky and grateful to have found them. They are a family operation and they treat my daughter like family. It is an incredible relief to know that my child is in safe and capable hand every day while also receiving genuine love and affection. Alma takes the time to do a daily download when I pick up my daughter which I really appreciate. They serve healthy home cooked food so I can relax a little on nights when the best I can do is chicken nuggets....

Alma and Alma's years of experience allow them to provide a relaxing and fun environment where the kids can play and learn how to be part of a group. My son will start attending when I go back to work!"

Hallie 8/21/2019

"You know when they say, "it takes a village to raise a child", well, Abuelitas Daycare has been our village and we cannot be more thankful. They have been such a supportive, caring and loving environment for our son. They've become an extension of our family and we feel so lucky to have them for our daycare. We could't of made it through infancy, toddlerhood and even COVID without their help! We always knew our son was well taken care of. We highly recommend Abuelitas Daycare!!!

April 7/27/2022

"We moved to San Bruno when our little one was 9 months old and had never been cared for by anyone other than us, so we were extremely nervous going into the daycare search. As soon as we met Alma, all our fears disappeared! Alma, Lita, and Ebony have been amazing caregivers for our little girl - they've taught her (and us) so much! She actually helps us pick up her toys (sometimes), she loves to wash her hands, and she will try so many different foods because of the delicious things they make for her. It took her only a week to go from crying at drop off to running into their house without even saying goodbye. She always comes home sun kissed from plenty of outdoor play, and we love that they speak Spanish to help her develop that skill since we also speak Spanish at home.

Alma told us when we first met her to always trust our gut when looking for childcare, and we are so glad we trusted that gut feeling that Abuelitas daycare was the place for us. It's wonderful to have caregivers that you can trust and learn from as you navigate toddlerhood."

Jessica 8/1/2022


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