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There are many forms that we must have completed, and in our possession, before we can assume the responsibility of caring for your child. Before your child is admitted into daycare, a security deposit equal to one week of childcare must be paid. This deposit will be credited to your last week's fee, provided you are in compliance with the handbook and contract.

    All new children will have a trial period of two weeks,(10 business days.) This trial begins on the first contracted day of child care. During this time, the parents or childcare providers have a right to terminate services. If parents decide to terminate, the deposit becomes non-refundable.
    It is normal for children to have a difficult time separating from the parent in the morning, especially when they are entering into a new environment. Please be very brief, no more than 1 minute is sufficient. The longer you prolong the departure, the longer it takes for them to start their day. Be considerate of the other children that need our attention as well. A kiss, hug, and cheerful goodbye is all that is necessary.
  • FEES
    Payment is due no later than the drop off time on your first contracted care day of each week. A year-end statement of all daycare fees paid during the year will be given to you in January for TAX purposes.
    You are required to notify us prior to your contracted drop off time if your child will not be coming for the day or if you will be late in arriving.
    We take 13 paid holidays and up to 10 unpaid vacation days per calendar year. Please be aware that if you go on vacation we still expect payment in full for the days your child will not attend daycare.
    Nutritious meals will be provided at no extra cost, Parents with infants do need to supply formula and baby food.
    You have the right to terminate childcare at any time during your trial period. After your trial period has ended, you can terminate child care with a 4 week notice.
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